Processor Grade Sheet

Ag Reports AI is a powerful tool that can help growers, farm managers, and investors verify processor payment summaries, identify and track load anomalies, and compare data from multiple processors.


 This advanced technology ensures accurate payment calculations, minimizing errors and discrepancies.  Ag Reports AI has helped reclaim significant amounts of money by identifying missing loads, inaccurate reporting in payment summaries, and overlooked bonus payments. 

Harvest Management
Farmer in field with equipment

Ag Reports AI allows you to identify load anomalies that impact quality premiums, specifically focusing on issues like insect damage. By leveraging its capabilities, farmers can effectively monitor and manage the quality of their produce. This helps optimize financial returns by ensuring that quality premiums are accurately determined and awarded. 

Ag Reports AI enables the comparison of data from multiple processors. This powerful feature allows farmers to evaluate and analyze performance across different processors. By examining data from various sources, farmers can make informed decisions regarding pricing, contracts, and partnerships. This promotes transparency, fair competition, and ultimately benefits the agricultural community. 


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